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Prices shown include VAT. Our new equipment is fully guaranteed for one year. Secondhand items carry a full 3 month parts/labour guarantee.

All amp power ratings quoted are RMS.


Trace Eliott PPA1200

Quality 2u power amp from this well-reputed manufacturer. 600 watts per channel into 4 ohms.


Soundtech A1000

3u PA amp. Built like a tank. Outputs on binding posts.


Peavey M-2600

Chunky 3u amp. Convection cooling - no fans. 130 wpc RMS into 4ohms. Lovely sound.


Studiomaster 1200B

The most powerful FET amp of its time when introduced around 1990. Power output of 600 wpc at 4 ohms. The transparent limiter, balanced inputs and high efficiency cooling system all ensure a good sound and reliable operation.



Peavey PV Series

PV1500: 2 x 300w @ 8 ohms; 2 x 500w @ 4 ohms

PV2600: 2 x 550w @ 8 ohms; 2 x 900w @ 4 ohms

PV 1500 £379

PV 2600 £519

Peavey CS Series

The CS Series represents the pinnacle of Peavey's range of amplification, bringing a 'no compromise' build quality and over 30 years of continuing R&D improvement.

CS2000 760 watts per channel at 4 ohms

CS4000 1350 watts per channel at 4 ohms

CS4080HZ 2040 wpc at 4 ohms




Proel HP-D1500

High quality digital amplifier. 750 wpc RMS at 4 ohms.


Proel HPX-2800

2 x 1000 watts @ 4 ohms. A high-powered amp that sounds very good and doesn't weigh a ton.


We keep in stock a selection of our favourites from our suppliers' ranges. If you don't see what you're looking for ..... do call us.

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