Vox VT20+

20 watt multi-effects guitar amplifier in good condition.
20 watt multi-effects guitar amplifier in good condition.
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20 watt multi-effects guitar amplifier in good condition. 20 watt multi-effects guitar amplifier in good condition. 20 watt multi-effects guitar amplifier in good condition.
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The Vox Valvetronix VT20+ Classic Guitar Amplifier delivers a sonic punch that exceeds the expectations of its power rating, despite its small size. With Tube-Driven Valve Reactor circuitry, and boasting 33 amp models and 25 diverse effects. There's much to get excited about with the Vox VT20+ and the rest of the Valvetronix+ series.

Amazing Tube Modelling

VOX has focused on the importance of the power amp circuit in creating the sonic characteristics from tube amps. Based on a 12AX7 vacuum tube, the Valve Reactor circuit reproduces the operation, subtle nuances, and tonal character of a real tube-powered amp.

33 Amp Models

The VT20+ boasts 33 distinct amp models and a preamp EQ featuring Bass, Middle and Treble controls for precise tone-shaping. There are classic VOX amps such as the AC30, coveted historical amps, as well as the latest high-gain amps, providing you with a selection of sounds through the ages. Whether it's sought-after amps played by your guitar heroes, rare boutique amps, or vintage amps, there's much to explore.

25 Diverse Effects

You can combine the built-in effects with the onboard amp models for even more depth and power. These Valvetronix+ amps boast quality, rivalling top standalone units. There are two sections of effects: Pedal effects such as distortion, wah, and compressor; and Modulation/Delay effects such as chorus, flanger, and tape echo. In each section, there are 11 effects to choose from. Featuring easy-to-use settings, you can simultaneously select the effect type and adjust its parameters. Along with that there are three types of Reverb (Room, Spring, and Hall) and Noise Reduction. You can use up to four different effects at the same time.

99 Preset Programs

VOX have packed these Valvetronix+ amps with 99 preset programs for you to use straight away. Each of the 33 amp models provides three presets: Basic, Effected, and Song. An Effected preset calls up the correct combination of effect type and setting for a particular style.

Like Effected presets, the song presets provide a faithful recreation of the signature sound used by a famous guitarist to perform one of their classic tracks.

Then, get creative and edit any preset or start from scratch with the manual setting. You can save up to eight of your own custom sounds to the User presets.

Beyond the Numbers

The Valvetronic VT20+'s power amp section has the potential to exceed the wattage value indicated by the model name, as indicated by the shaded section of the Power Level knob. The new Valvetronix+ Series also boasts a newly re-voiced VOX original design speaker, providing power in sound.

Quality Tube-Driven Valve Reactor Circuitry

The VT20's tube-driven Valve Reactor circuitry helps create the fat and warm tone. Control your sound with the Volume, Gain, and Master Volume controls and the unique Power Level control. Lower the Power Level and turn up the gain and distortion high up whilst keeping a good listening level. You can also dial in reserve power with the Power Level control when you need that extra juice from your amp.

Versatile Input/Output Capabilities

The headphone out jack also works as a direct line output and is equipped with the simulated response and character of a speaker cabinet, giving sense of playing through speakers as you use headphones or when connected to a mixer or recording system. Plug your CD or MP3 player into the AUX input jack play along to your favourite songs or backing tracks. There's also a helpful built-in tuning function.


  • Tube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone
  • 33 distinct amp models / 99 Expertly voiced presets / 25 In-demand, top-quality effects
  • 8 User Programs for saving your favorite custom settings
  • Amp offers Gain, Volume, and Master Volume; EQ features Treble, Middle, and Bass
  • Unique Power Level control can limit the power amp output wattage.
  • Built-in automatic guitar tuner
  • Headphone output simulates the acoustic and spatial character of a full speaker cabinet
  • Use the optional VOX VFS5 footswitch to change programs to turn effects on and off, or to set the Tap Tempo function